Friday, April 2, 2010

Women Not Allowed to Help a Friend

Mary Bonk and Shirley Gersh have a lot more questions than answers right now.

They want to know why their 82-year-old friend Margaret only got to spend a few hours in her home before it was put on the market and sold. They want to know if the reason she's been moved from one care facility to another is due to finances or medical condition. They'd also like to know where her belongings have been placed.

But it's hard to get answers when your friend is a ward of the state -- even harder when you're demanding answers no one seems willing to provide.

The situation has become so adversarial that the current court-appointed guardian, Christine Adelman, stopped returning phone calls and has limited both women's relationship with Margaret. A week ago Bonk was told she could not take her elderly friend off the premises of Jennings Terrace to attend Mass. And on Monday, Gersh was informed she was forbidden from visiting Margaret at all.

Bonk said she called the guardian multiple times this week, simply asking if she can take Margaret to dinner or to church this weekend. "And I've gotten no response from her at all." (Adelman did not return my repeated calls, as well.)

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Women Say They're Not Allowed to Help a Friend


Anonymous said...

File complaints with every conceivable agency. Keep filing!
Set up a demonstration at the facility. Get the media there.

Lou said...

Sounds like the beginning of another unethical guardianship. While acting in the "best interest" of the ward, how could isolation and removal from familiar things be in her best interest?

Anonymous said...

This is typical - get rid of the good people who are trying to help the victim. The Guardian can't limit visitation unless there is a court order. As to the victim's belongings, they are probably long gone.

Anonymous said...

Lou: It's in the 'best interet' of the Guardian and the rest of the court crooks

Norma said...

How lucky the friend is to have these two advocates!

Mike said...

Yes, you're right, Anon2 -- it's all about casting aside family, friends --- anyone who supports the victim.

It's shameful.

Anonymous said...

These professional guardians and their attorneys do not "care" about the ward. There is no love. There are only dollar signs in their minds. They do not want to be bothered with concerned neighbors and friends who do love and care. Our guardian has been gone at least five weeks in the last nine months, taking cruises and European trips. They are enjoying their ward's money.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there are a lot of predators out there. In this story, we don't know for sure that we have all of the information.I am thankful that there are some good guardians out there. There is a purpose for guardianship when you are dealing with an individual who is not capable of making decisions for themselves. This website speaks about the bad in guardianship, but nothing about the good. When an elderly person acquires dementia, there should be steps in place to protect them from predators whether that be family, friends,or legal professionals. Just because someone is "family" doesn't make them necessarily kind,and selfless unfortunately.It is sad what some people will resort to for money. There are good people who are guardians.