Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Son Pleads for Help for Veteran Father

Dear Americans! Help!

My Father, a Vietnam Vet with a Purple Heart, is having his estate stolen by New Jersey’s Government Courts.

I am begging for your help on behalf of a Vietnam Vet who did three tours of duty and earned a purple heart. He is currently being robbed by the Office for the Public Guardian in Ocean County NJ

His name is Vincent Stanley Blasco and he is my Dad. He has Alzheimer’s and is in their care where they refuse to give any of his 3 children here in Georgia custody of him. Instead they continue to sell off dozens of plots of my Dad’s property and continue hiding thousands and thousands of dollars in false expenses. Now they are trying to sale his 19 acre farm off East Veterans Hwy.

The courts have allowed OPG to already sale 7 properties of his in Berkley NJ and they claimed it was for medical bills. We received accounting after 4 years of requests only to find out my dad by himself racked up $800 per month in Grocery bills, $2,000 a month in landscaping bills. $500 per day about 3 days a week in Home Depot bills, etc… I have a stack of accounting 2 inches thick of frivolous spending.

I am contacting News Agencies or whatever it takes to get this to quit. We deserve to have our father in Georgia where all 3 of his children live. Not tucked away in a nursing home in NJ to have his Army Pension and Social Security bilked as his farm goes on the market to cover thousands of bogus expenses and invented expenses.

Full Article and Source:
Vietnam Vet's Estate Stolen by New Jersey Gov Courts, Son Says

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Lou said...

So goes the government approved guardianship industry!

Anonymous said...

What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine, use to be a joking statement. It has become a reality with our government refusing to lift a finger to stop this dispicable crime and participating in it in every state!

WarehouseEyes said...

Does the veteran receive any Veterans Administration benefits? If so, report this to the VA's fraud/embezzlement unit.

Also, please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, as have other guardianship/conservatorship-abuse victims' advocates.


timlahrman said...

children have a constitutional right of association with their parents ... [parents do not have the same right]

children likewise have a reasonable expectation to inheritance and gifts [if this is the parents wish]

there is case law out and around that says guradianship is unnecessary where family members are available and willing to care for the aging parent ..... check your state family law statutes and you may find that adult-children have the legal duty to care for their aging parents [the theory of reciprocal support]

ask yourself this question .... If the adult-child has the legal duty of reciprocal support can the State deny the adult child their legal duty, or interfere in this legal duty ???

my point is this ---- perhaps this family should sue for the deprivation of the right of association, tortuous interference with the reasonable expectencies of inheritance/gift, and, tortuous interference with the legal duty to provide reciprocal support .....

for the reasonable expectancy issues --- see US Supreme Court 2004 "Marshall v Marshall" [Anna Nicole Smith case]

for the right of association === see U.S. Supreme Court 2000 "Troxel v. Granville"

check the various state laws for the reciprocal support questions

Anonymous said...

This is how our government treats our Veterans? Like a commodity?

StandUp said...

The PG refuses to give custody to any of the children because there is money to be made. Until all the money's gone, the nightmare will continue.

When the father is penniless, then they'll let him go to to the children.

Sad state of affairs.

Norma said...

I will pray for you and your Father. God Bless you both.

Anonymous said...

PROBATE CONVEYER BELT: Churning people into products to generate $$$$ for the probate mob.

When these thugs grab a Veteran with living family members that shows you how low they will go for a buck.

God have mercy on us....

Barbara said...

I just found this article. The same thing happened to my father. Go to the top of the Veteran Affairs and speak to the Director. If you can convince him that a man that served for this country is being abused like this perhaps he will listen. If you have not joined NASGA you really should....A wealth of information and support. I have felt like I am surrounded by people that care and are willing to help in anyway they can. I think if I did not join this organization I would have "lost it"..the stress and the sadness can be unbearable.