Saturday, April 3, 2010

Election Hot Spot: Broward County FL

With 12 sitting judges currently facing challengers, 2010 is shaping up to be a judicial election year like no other in Broward County.

In a county where it was long considered toxic for a lawyer's future to run against an incumbent judge, seven circuit and five county judges, as of now, have challengers.

And there are still five weeks left for more would-be candidates to file to run.

The change of tide, the legal community says, can be attributed to a number of factors: Questionable conduct by some Broward judges that may make judges as a whole seem vulnerable at the polls; a courthouse gossip blog that encourages attorneys to run for judge; and a poor economy making a government salary, benefits and pension more tempting for struggling lawyers.

"The existing judiciary has gotten into all kinds of trouble and scandals, and it's because they've been so insulated from elections," said criminal defense attorney Kevin Kulik, who has been actively encouraging fellow lawyers to run for judge. "They assumed that they were appointed for life."

Full Article and Source:
A Dozen Judges Face Challengers in Election


StandUp said...

Broward County needs a good clean out!

Anonymous said...

Out with the old - in with the new!

Lou said...

The state of Florida needs a new judicial accountability system from top to bottom! Poor economy may make this position more tempting and it also makes corruption more tempting to include judges, attorneys, guardians, conservators, etc. to take advantage to senior citizens. Clena it up in the "Sunshine State."

Stan said...

How long does it take a decent person to get tainted by big money and power? Probably not that long.

I think we should take every opportunity to vote out judges.

Anonymous said...

I hope every evil deed done by the incumbent judges are made known to the public. I also hope that the new judges are clean and just.