Friday, March 5, 2010

Caretaker Accused of Theft

A Morton Plant Hospital clerk stole more than $200,000 from the safe of an elderly couple and spent half of the money on lottery tickets, police say.

Wanda Bryant was held in the Pinellas County Jail on $210,000 bail Thursday, a day after Clearwater police arrested her at the hospital on charges related to exploitation of the elderly, theft from persons 65 years or older and burglary.

Police spokeswoman Elizabeth Watts said a 74-year-old Clearwater man reported the theft from his home on Sunday. Detectives opened an investigation and identified Bryant as the suspect.

For the last two years, she has been a home-based caretaker for the man's 77-year-old wife. The wife has been a Morton Plant patient, and met Bryant there.

"She stayed there sometimes overnight," Watts said. "She was in the house on the weekends."

At some point, police said, Bryant found the combination to the couple's safe on a piece of paper.

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Caretaker is Accused of Stealing More Than $200,000 From Elderly Clearwater Couple"


Anonymous said...

Caregivers who are proven to have stolen from their patients should receive the maximum penalty, be forced to pay resitution, and be ordered to do extended community service.

lou said...

I'm so glad to see Pinellas County FL protecting some the states elderly. Florida is a state with elderly being neglected, abused and exploited at alarmling increases by many of the people in a position of trust. I've read about; Judges, Lawyers, Professional Guardian, National Guardianship Association Members, Caretakers and many more.

Anonymous said...

Where is this man going overnight on a regular basis at his age and leaving his wife? They need to check the mistress' bank account. In this case all is not as appears.