Friday, March 5, 2010

Millionnaire Almost Escaped

Edward Abbott Ravenscroft was counting the hours until he would be free of his protectors over at Maricopa County probate court. On Friday. the countdown clock stopped, just 61 hours short of the time he would have retaken control of his fortune.

On that day, lawyers for the Sun Valley Group and the Maricopa County public fiduciary convinced a judge to extend their control over Ravenscroft for another 30 days and oh by the way, to order that Ravenscroft's latest dividend check be handed over to Sun Valley.

Ravenscroft says he had no idea that Friday's emergency hearing was even being held and had no attorney there to represent him.

“I have no control,” a frustrated Ravenscroft told me, after learning that he'll be “protected” for at least another 30 days. “Just because I have wealth doesn't mean people can just walk all over me and do whatever they want.”

Actually, they can, as long as they get a judge to go along with it. This, after all, is probate court, where the “incapacitated” are protected, sometimes right into the poorhouse.

Full Article and Source:
Millionnaire Almost Escaped His Probate Protectors...Almost

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StandUp said...

This is nothing more than a show of greed and the judge should not have allowed it!

lou said...

I think every Judge who allows guardianship without due process should live in one himself! Judge's are aware of the difference between guardian of property and/or guardian of a /person who is also a "human being." Judges, Attorneys, Professional Guardians, Fiduciaries, they are in it for the money and do not always care about the human being. Try to give them the assets... they need a ward to exploit so they have to have both. Your life may be about over.

Marie said...

Thank you for following this story, NASGA.

Betty said...

This is outrageous!

Is the judge asleep on the bench?

Watching said...

They're trampling right on due process and this man is being treated like a rug.

SHAME on them!

Anonymous said...

Right on, Lou!

Rachael said...

Laurie Roberts has been following Mr. Ravenscroft's injustice from the beginning. Hats off to her!

Greg said...

If there's money to be made, unfortunately no one escapes. It's all about them making money...