Saturday, May 8, 2010

Former Guardian Charged With Sexual Abuse

A 49-year-old Bay City man will stand trial on charges he sexually abused a mentally impaired man for whom he served as a court-appointed guardian, a district judge ruled today.

Clarkston District Judge Joseph Fabrizio ordered Duane Emery Kuerbitz to stand trial in Oakland County Circuit Court after the alleged victim, 32, testified from behind a screen on the witness stand that Kuerbitz abused him over a two-year period.

Kuerbitz was charged with first-degree and third-degree criminal sexual conduct and an additional first-degree criminal sexual conduct requested by Oakland County assistant prosecutor Heather Brown. The charges carry a penalty of up to life in prison. On Brown's request, Fabrizio closed the courtroom for the alleged victim's testimony to all but the attorneys involved, Kuerbitz and a caseworker. Fabrizio said the alleged victim qualified as a mentally impaired person and extra steps could be taken to obtain testimony free of distraction or fear. Fabrizio also permitted a screen to be placed around the man on the witness stand so he did not have to make eye contact with Kuerbitz.

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Former Guardian To Stand Trial on Sex Abuse Charges


Max said...

If these charges are true, Duane Emery Kuerbitz needs to be put away to protect society.

Anonymous said...

Life in prison sounds about right.

StandUp said...

I understand the victim's reluctance to want to see the perp's face in court. I hope for accountability in this case.

Holly said...

MANY guardians need to be put away to protect society!! They are very dangerous people.