Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kim Rothstein Vacates 'Palace'

Kim Rothstein has left the building.

Well, almost.

​Rothstein attorney Scott Saidel told me that the bride of the Ponzi schemer has moved everything out of their palatial estate off Las Olas Boulevard. He said she is living with family and friends now, though she might spend one night a week in what she described a few months ago as a "tomb."

"It's empty, it's a shell, and it's depressing," Saidel said of the former Casa de Rothstein. "She's almost completely out of the house."

Kim's life has been further complicated, Saidel said, by the bankruptcy court's dogging of her for all of the marvelous things she bought on Broward's big swindler's dime since 2006.

Full Article and Source:
Kim Rothstein Packed Out of Palace, Hounded For Shoes


Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with Guardian Abuse?

NASGA said...

Thanks for asking, Anonymous!

Kim Rothstein is Scott Rothstein's wife. NASGA has been following the Rothstein case because one of the major categories of innocent and trusting people he allegedly scammed was the elderly.

The authorities seized Rothstein's assets months ago, but then it became public that the government allowed Kim Rothstein to live rent free in one of the forclosed Rothstein properties (palace) while continuing to rent out others.

Due to public outrage, Mrs. Rothsetin has now vacated.

StandUp said...

The house should have been seized immediately and sold - the profits converted to cash and that cash held for resitution for Rothstein's victims!

Holly said...

Scott Rothstein scamming the elderly. Doesn't suprise me that he does his dirty deed in the state of Florida. The "Sunshine State" seems to be full of corruption to the vulnerable. My 79yr. old mother, a resident and domicile of Pennsylvania is currently being held like a prisoner in Florida by a fraudulent guardianship. My suggestion would be to run as far away from Jetta Getty of Port Orange Florida as you can. Her business, Young at Heart Elderly Services is NOT what she will lead you to believe. Then your trapped!

Anonymous said...

While NASGA focuses on guardian abuse, it is only one small part of what is destroying America - GREED!