Friday, May 7, 2010

Guardian Overcharged for Handyman's Work

In her court-required reports, Dinah Turrentine-Sims listed more than $29,000 in checks and payments to “CWB” for extensive renovations to one of her wards' houses near 75th and Burt Streets.

All those payments to CWB, as it turns out, were phony.

Says who? CWB himself.

Carl W. Brown, a South Omaha resident who ran CWB Handyman for about eight years before a heart attack sidelined him last year, said he never set foot in Marie Meader's house.

“I wouldn't even know what it looks like,” he said.

Instead, Brown said, Turrentine-Sims hired him to do most of his work on the building near 24th and Fort Streets that she renovated to house her nonprofit organization Chris Services.

All told, Brown said, he did $5,000 in work for Turrentine-Sims nowhere near the $29,000 she claimed.

Had a judge asked, Brown said he would have told the judge so. But the Douglas County judges who were supposed to be overseeing Turrentine-Sims' care of her wards didn't check her accountings. And no one asked Brown.

“I'd have been right down to the courthouse,” Brown, 55, said as he worked on his fishing boat outside his South Omaha home. “I'd have told them, ‘Let's get this (expletive) straight.'

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Handyman: Guardian Overstated Pay

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Holly said...

Yep, that's the way the court-required reports & legal fees go. It happens everywhere.
In Volusia County Florida,court appointed, Profession Guardian, Jetta Getty made numerous, similiar errors. When 4 of the 5 family members objected to this Annual Accounting and included documents showing statue, violations and blatant lies, Judge McFerrnin Smith approved it anyway!
Some people refer to these professional guardians as "Professional Thiefs" I do!

Sue said...

Guardianship is like a car theft ring folks, all of the pals are getting a big piece of the money action and then the ward is impoverished headed for MEDICAID paid for by YOU and ME!

When is enough finally enough?

We need to build more prisons - create some good jobs while removing dangerous "elements" from society to me is a WIN WIN situation!