Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miami Artist Purvis Young Dies at 67

He was one of South Florida's most storied artists, a man who transformed a troubled life with brush strokes, painting the joys and sorrows of his people on objects discarded in his Overtown neighborhood -- a copious body of work that brought Purvis Young international recognition.

Yet Young, who died at Jackson Memorial Hospital after a long battle with diabetes, was penniless and friends were raising money to bury him.

He was 67.

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Miami Artist Purvis Young Dies at 67


Holly said...

In viewing Purvis' entire link, three things stood out:


Seniors beware there are predators looking for your assets so, they don't have to earn their own!

Anonymous said...

I had heard Mr. Purvis was a guardianship ward, but have not seen much in print about it.

Max said...

I am sorry for his passing and hate it that he spent the last years of his life trapped in guardianship.