Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nebraska: Panel Named to Probe State Guardian System

Judges, attorneys, investigators and accountants will probe what changes need to be made to the state's guardian and conservator system in the wake of a World-Herald series and an Omaha police investigation that revealed shoddy oversight of the health and wealth of wards.

Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Heavican appointed 14 people to a committee to examine -- and suggest changes to shore up -- the state's guardian and conservator system, after the investigation revealed hundreds of thousands of dollars missing from wards' estates.

Under state law, guardians are charged with overseeing health care for incapacitated people; conservators are charged with overseeing their finances.

Among the issues, The World-Herald found that judges and court staff failed to: check conservators' accountings and question inflated numbers and cryptic entries; require conservators to post bonds that could have insured the estates against thefts; scrutinize care decisions of guardians; and spot-check bank records of conservators.

In turn, at least eight wards, most of them in Douglas County, have lost more than $400,000.

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Panel Named to Probe State Guardian System

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StandUp said...

This was brought on by the bull dog reporting of Todd Cooper!

Hats off and a standing ovation!

Anonymous said...

GREAT news for Nebraska!

Barbara said...

Agree, StandUp, the bright light of media focus is what brings this panel together. Thank you to Todd Cooper.

Max said...

I am so very glad to hear this, especially for the families who have recently suffered due to guardian Dinah Turrentine Sims.

Holly said...

This country needs "Bull Dog Reporting" because this particular crime is happening all over the country!

Anonymous said...

So excited to hear something is being done in Nebraska. A new case is in the workings with my grandma who died tragically from injuries suffered at Mahoney House in York, NE August 14,2011 at Hearthstone in York. She has been financially abused for 5 years by the court system in York. Her guardian was appointed by Judge Sneff and his office is located in York. Its time for snaky judges and lawyers who scammed her for huge amounts of money to be brought to justice.