Friday, July 29, 2011

Grant Goodman Suspended Without a Hearing

Longtime Arizona attorney Grant Goodman has made serious allegations over the last year against attorneys and guardians in Maricopa County Probate Court.

“Assets are being raped and pillaged every day,” said Goodman.

Accusations like that may have landed him in trouble.

“The conduct that’s going on in probate is in effect, unconstitutional," he said.

The State Bar of Arizona has now temporarily suspended Goodman's license to practice law.

The bar claims his conduct "will result in substantial harm, loss or damage to the public, the legal profession or the administration of justice."

“I haven't had a client so far that has complained,” said Goodman.

The suspension comes after Goodman filed lawsuits on behalf of incapacitated adults. They were adults Maricopa County Probate Court ruled couldn't handle their money or medical care.

The ABC15 Investigators reported on those lawsuits in a series of stories last year, uncovering flaws in the Maricopa County Probate System.

Families accused the court of allowing their loved ones to be isolated and heavily medicated while their assets were liquidated.

In an interview with ABC15 more than a year ago, Goodman described the county's probate process as criminal.

“These people are more organized than the mob. Plus, they have a court rubberstamp the proceeding.”

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Attorney Grant Goodman Suspended Without a Hearing


Tim said...

oh my gawd they guardianized his license

Truth is this is really sad, unjust and political.

To sanction an atty like this for what they are licensed to do is next to criminal in and of itself.

Next truth is, if these State's Atty Generals and Offices of State Court Administration would be doing their jobs ... Grant Goodman would still be doing his job and he would not have had to do that which has cost him his job.... which was really nothing more than just doing his job, and doing it with viogilance.

Sara Harvey said...

Suspending someone without a hearing and a lawyer to boot tells me where this country is heading. Thing is they are doing this to the good laywers who are doing guardianships for all the right reasons. Hang in there Mr. Goodman you have a lot of supporters.

Barbara said...

Grant Goodman speaks out against guardianship abuse and is attacked by the bar...what a surprise?!

tvfields said...

Whether Goodman is at fault or the Courts are at fault, there is a problem.

And even if Goodman is at fault in this instance, it doesn't mean that the Courts aren't at fault in others.

Meanwhile, “I haven't had a client so far that has complained,” said Goodman.

If true, then who did complain? Persons Goodman did not consider clients, such as relatives of incapacitated clients?

tvfields said...

A well-known precedent which demonstrates such retaliation in such matters is provided by the disciplinary action taken against Washington State attorney Doug Schafer after his efforts brought about the removal of a superior court judge for the first time in that state’s history. For details, go to

izzy said...

Our system is so broken.

Tina said...

Grant Goodman has my support!

Anonymous said...

What do Goodman's fellow lawyers think of him, does anybody know? Do any of them come to his defense?

Pamela said...

I think Grant Goodman goes too far.

Gloria Jean Sykes said...

This may work out good for all of us because if Grant's story goes national the reality of Guardianship abuse and court sanctioned financial exploitation. Let's try to look at what good this could bring instead of looking at all the bad stuff. Be empowered.

Gloria Jean Sykes said...

Grant Goodman needs to file with the Supreme court his response, and INCLUDE ALL OF THE EVIDENCE showing the "corruption" of the courts (in regarding Guardianships...) and make it available to the national media. The evidence needs to be straightforward and 'clean' so the media can understand it. Pick this up as a headline story "Attorney Fights For Constitutional Rights of Elders Is Barred from Practicing Law"--if I was still with the network I would pick up the story.

Again, let's start thinking out of the box on how we can use such stories as this and turn them around to benefit us.

gloria Jean Sykes said...

I mean this to all due respect to Mr. Goodman.

Jme4ProbateRefrm said...

I love the support i'm seeing in these comments. And the majority of you are correct in your interpretation of the situation. Grant has been dealt a devastating blow by the very people who have victimized so many others here in AZ, all for standing up for what he believes in.

In one post, someone asked about his fellow attorneys. The answer to that question is that several, if not all, or those attorneys are also currently under review for their conduct and behavior as well pretty much for the same reasons....with the exception of one, who was recently released from any wrong doings when it was determined it was the court who had overstepped their bounds (in the Disney/Lund case).

What is going on is a travesty of justice and complete violation of our Constitutional Rights. We must banned together and get the people who are supposed to be doing something about it to actually DO something about it!!! All for one and one for all!!

I have been in close contact with Grand and I think its safe to say that Grant will be especially grateful for all your support.

We need change and we need it now! What is happening is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they laid the foundation on which this country was built. What is America to become for our future generations if we don't find justice and reform?

Jane said...

It is ludicrous for the "bar" to suspend Grant Goodman's license for telling the "TRUTH"

It's not Mr. Goodman causing substanital harm, loss and damage to the public, legal profession and administation of justice, it's the "Bar" (making sure) the justice system isn't STOPPED from pillaging the assets of the incapacitated adults.

The "bar' is making an example of Mr. Goodman by suspending his license to make sure they STOP Other Honest Attorneys coming forth and blowing the whistle on a justice system that has decided instead of protecting the innocent and our most vulnerable, it is more lucrative to rip off incapacitated adults in a get rich scheme, while the rest of the Country picks up the tab for the State Medicaid Funding once the incapacitated adult's assets are milked dry forcing the victims to become indigent.

Mr. Goodman is Right, the conduct going on in probate is unconstitutional and the American People are paying the Price !

Without a doubt the families of the incapaciated adults are behind Mr. Goodman 100 per cent because they know for a FACT, their love ones are being robbed by a corrupt justice system and can Prove it.

If anyone thinks this can't happen to you or your love ones, you are soarly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Good Man Mr Goodman. Is there any such thing as whistleblower protection? For the honest people who speak the ugly truth,so many want to shut you up.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to an attorney who was trying to help a different group of victims: children.