Sunday, July 24, 2011

Son Accused in Mom's Starvation

Authorities allege an Omaha caregiver so malnourished and neglected an elderly woman that it caused her to suffer bedsores from her neck to her heels.

Then, Omaha police say, he carried her emaciated body from her urine-and-feces-soaked mattress, put fresh clothes on her, propped her on a couch and tried to make her death appear natural.

The elderly woman: his mother.

In a rare case, the Douglas County Attorney's Office charged Robert R. Rogers, 44, in a warrant with manslaughter and abuse of a vulnerable adult. The charges stem from the May 27 discovery of the body of his 66-year-old mother, Connie J. Rogers.

Omaha police said he told investigators he was his mother's caregiver but that she refused to see a doctor, that she suffered from dementia and that her health had been declining for months.

On the day he reported her death, Rogers told police, he had fed her a protein shake. Then she got out of her bed, put a movie on the DVD player and walked to the couch of her home.

Rogers said he found his mother dead a short time later.

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Son Accused in Mom's Starvation


Thelma said...

Life without parole!

Alicia said...

I absolutely agree, Thelma!

Holly said...

unfortunately, i personally know this sick SOB, my best friend is married to him and has left him years ago because he is so verbally cruel. Definitely, life without parole, except I say, starve him to death like he did his mom. I also knew her and although somewhat crazy, she did not deserve this.