Monday, July 25, 2011

NASGA Press Release

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July 25, 2011

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Annie McKenna, NASGA Media Liaison


NASGA Releases its third “Open Letter to Congress and the White House” focusing on the Medicaid crisis _________________________________________

In the midst of a Medicaid crisis, NASGA continues its mission of reform of unlawful and abusive guardianships and conservatorships with the release of its third “Open Letter to Congress and the White House,” mailed to approximately 300 members of Congress (including every member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging), other government entities and related organizations.

With “The Fleecing of Medicaid and the American Taxpayers,” NASGA focuses on an out-of-control problem, completely antithetical to the purpose of "protective" statutes; i.e., CONSERVE the estates of vulnerable elderly/disabled and PROTECT the taxpayers from the ward becoming a public charge.

Lack of monitoring and enforcement by court, legislative and executive branches permits good law to be misused by state-court judges and their appointed fiduciaries.

Without “watchdogging,” wards’ estates can be systematically bled dry instead of protected; in short, fleeced by fiduciaries engaging in breach of fiduciary duty. Previously financially capable wards placed on Medicaid for their guardians’ benefit is an ironic, appalling and staggering burden on America’s taxpayers.

NASGA continues to advocate for federal intervention to bring about swift and meaningful reform in all “protective” proceedings.

Fleecing Medicaid and the Taxpayers
NASGA's third Open Letter to Congress and the White House

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Steve said...


Thelma said...

Incompetent government is the cause of the Medicaid crisis.

Barbara said...

I am very proud to be a NASGA member!

StandUp said...

I am pleased to see NASGA address the purposeful drain on Medicaid caused by bad guardianship.

Thank you.

Connie said...

How many trillions of dollars go down the Medicaid drain while attornys are guardians are lining their pockets?

honeybear said...

Guardianships are all about money and here's money just wasted unnecessarily. I hope Congress is listening.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this practice (of the guardians bleeding out the estate) actually Medicaid fraud?

Norma said...

Is the problem that the Senate Committee on Aging is asleep? What about Herb Kohl? He sure seems to be silent when it comes to guardianship abuse.

Jane said...

Congress must get in the mind set,
UNLAWFUL and ABUSIVE guardianships and conservatorships are CRIMES !

This corruption has contributed to a large part of the Medicaid Crisis. The unlawful guardianships and conservatorships looting and devouring the elderly and disabled estates and life savings has Forced the victims to become indigent and through No fault of their own are forced on Medcaid.

In the mean time the predators build up a nice nest egg stealing off their victims while the American people are Forced in a Medicaid crisis without a clue they're being used to cover up a crime.

Congress need to take a look at the courts that are accommodating unlawful guardianships and conservatorships clearly you will discover crimes against our most vulnerable that has caused a massive Medicaid Crisis that was created by UNLAWFUL guardianships and conservatorships burdening the American People and destroying the lives of our elderly and disabled.

Per Ohio Governor John Kasich, it is costing Medicaid $4,017.00 per month for the elderly and disabled in Ohio nursing homes.

Compared to the Ohio Passport Program, costing $1,344.00 per/month where the elderly and disabled lives at home independently or with family able and willing to care for them.

My question is, why is an unlawful guardianship of my Mother, Mollie Florkey forcing her to be held prisoner in the Heartland nursing home in Hillsboro Ohio, without medical necessity or court order, especially when there is a least restrictive environment right here in my home ?

It is Mollie Florkey's wish to live at home. It is unfair to Mollie and our taxpayers for Mollie to live in a facility raising Medicaid tax dollars when she could live at home surrounded by family that love her.

My hope is that Congress, The White House and the Special Committee on Aging Reviews earnestly the "Open Letter" from NASGA focusing on the Medicaid crisis.

Thank You "NASGA" for helping our most vulnerable GOD SPEED !

Jane Branson
Daughter of Mollie Florkey a victim of guardianship abuse
Hillsboro, Ohio

izzy said...

I hope and pray this falls on the ears of leaders who will act to protect those who find themselves in need of it.

Sara said...

Excellant letter....I just hope this is the last open letter that NASGA has to send before someone puts an end to the madness.

Thelma said...

To Anonymous:
It's not medicaid fraud, per se; but it is actionable breach of fiduciary duty, based just on failure to conserve, for starters.

barbinoregon said...

Well I will hold my breath and see what comes out of this letter. I will hope for the best, however, expect nothing. Guardianships are very lucrative and I find it very irresponsible that Congress has not addressed the autrocities that occur nationwide that are killing our elderly and disabled citizens.
Good job NASGA....I too am proud to be a member of an organization that demonstrates the courage and backbone to adress what most prefer not to acknowledge....Genocide, fraud, ect.

Diane said...

Jane, you're so right. These are crimes against the vulnerable and need to be recognized as such.

I hope and pray you are able to bring your mother home.

Sue said...

Who knew? what they knew? when they knew it? and what if anything they did about it. Up to now what they did about it: NOTHING business as usual follow the campaign money folks it's all about votes and who profits.

And they have their snake eyes on you, on me and us = big money.