Friday, July 27, 2012

Barb Montrond Reports: The Perils of Probate Court

Elder financial abuse has been around as long as older people have had money and property. Financial abuse, often accompanied by physical, psychological, and/or sexual abuse remains a sad reality for many older citizens. Until recently, one particularly disturbing type of elder abuse has managed to remain a “dirty little secret” within local and national probate courts: Guardian and or conservator/fiduciary abuse.

Guardian and/or conservator abuse occurs when perpetrators use the system to drain the estates of vulnerable people in order to enrich their own lives. These unscrupulous individuals shield themselves behind the walls of the probate court, under the thinly veiled guise of protecting the elderly. Thousands of aging and/or otherwise vulnerable citizens undergo a particularly dehumanizing process as they are systematically stripped of their civil and constitutional rights via the probate or similar court system.

These perpetrators have learned to use the system supposedly intended to protect vulnerable citizens to dehumanize and destroy them instead.

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The Perils of Probate Court


Sara Harvey said...

Well said Barb. Keep writing and posting. The guardians, judges , attroneys and courts have turned what is suppose to protect our elder, disabled and vulernable loved ones have turned this into a very profitable "business plan".

Anonymous said...

Great job, Barbara!

Rudy said...

In Barbara's piece, she makes necessary statements which reveal the fact there is a serious problem, why there is serious, why the problem is a spreading plague, and why even though there is a serious problem it is not known to the general public . In this service, she refers to the problem of court ordered guardianship crime on senior citizens as, a, "disturbing type of elder abuse. . .thinly veiled guise of protecting the elderly. . . system supposedly intended to protect vulnerable citizens." Her statements are thus very important statements in seeing the problem, the seriousness of the problem, and the verbal technique used to hide the problem, that is, the "guise of protecting the elderly.

Monty said...

How true, how true. The perps have learned to use the system for their advantage.

Lark E Kirkwood said...

Great job Barbara! Everything we do and expose helps. Keep it up!

Betty said...

You're so right Rudy

jerri said...

right on spot sara think who is profiting more and more each year from the guardianship system turned into a racket nationwide as the probate team figured out hey we're running this show and the courtrooms and we're next so people better get aware and beware whats in store for them all the persons we read about never ever ever thought they would be captives in the protection racket keep up the good work barb eyes are watching

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent and accurate description of what is occurring in Cook County, IL. Would-be guardians submit descriptions of caring family members into the court record that are anything but accurate. For example, one court record describes a family member as a "Freddy Krueger type". Another court record describes a family member as "a slovenly one."

These descriptios are wriiten by a nurse who owns her own guardianship company and an attorney colleague who assists that nurse in gaining clients. They must be laughing all the way to the bank as the judge grants guardianship to the non-family member.

To say this is a sickening crime is a understatement. Kudos to those who continue their efforts to expose these criminal.

if you have not read this article in its entirety, please do.

Also, to learn more about what is happening in Cook County, IL, and to learn how to report these criminals, please visit: and

Anonymous said...

A Conservator in Marshall County, Alabama is stealing from his clients now. David Roadruck