Saturday, July 28, 2012

Petition: Sen.Beavers, Rep. Gary Odom: Impeach Judge Randy Kennedy

Guardianship and conservatorship law is designed to “guard,” “conserve” and “protect” incompetent or disabled citizens, vulnerable elderly, and their estates.

Under Tennessee law, it is Judge Randy Kennedy’s duty alone, to decide whether or not a person is in need of a guardian or a conservator, and then to protect the vulnerable, elderly or disabled person. The law clearly states that the decisions Judge Kennedy makes should be in the best interest of the conserved person. Their best interest is NOT taken into consideration in his court and they are NOT protected!

• Judge Kennedy convenes emergency hearings without proper notice, in which people are conserved and their rights to due process and the law – federal and state - violated.
• Wards' assets are depleted, property, and belongings quickly sold before they have the chance to prove they are competent. These people should NOT have to prove they are competent!
• Court appointed guardians and lawyers in these cases profit greatly at the expense of the very people they are appointed to protect, also sanctioned by Judge Kennedy.
• Judge Kennedy improperly seals files from public view.

Mrs. Jewell Tinnon, Ginger Franklin, and Danny Tate are citizens who were conserved by petitions being filed without their knowledge, had their assets depleted and property sold, (a combined worth in excess of $2.5 million) - all signed off on by Judge Kennedy. Mrs. Tinnon even pleaded before Judge Kennedy not to sell all the things she had worked hard for. He ordered the sell anyway!




Anonymous said...

Excellent summary. If everyone who is dealing with a bad judge would start a petition, it would send a lould message!

StandUp said...

I hope everyone will sign this petition. Judge Randy Kennedy should be impeached for what he did to Tinnon, Tate, and Franklin -- and others.

Senator Mae Bevers and Representative Gary Odom should be anxious to disinfect the bench.

Jason said...

When one thinks of a bad or even corrupt judge, Judge Randy Kennedy of Davidson County TN comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy has failed to guard, conserve, and protect his wards. In fact he's harmed them.

Sue said...

It's time to hold JUDGE RANDY KENNEDY responsible and accountable for his actions and inactions.

It's time for the elected leaders of TENNESSEE to step up and address this urgent crisis.

One probate judge is a recipe for a disaster.

All the good citizens of Davidson County are at risk to be a case in Kennedy's court room, alive as a ward of the estate and after death when estate is probated.

Are you ready for Kennedy's courtroom?

Rachel said...

Everyone who reads this blog should take a few minutes and put a link up to this petition on his or her personal facebook page. This is a real chance to get rid of one of the bad guys.

Michelle said...

I signed this petition to Impeach Judge Randy Kennedy the other day. When you click the link, there's a short but good video that goes with the Petition.

advocate said...

The buck does stop with Judge Randy Kennedy and he should be held accountable for sanctioning the destruction of the lives of Ginger Franklin, Danny Tate, Jewell Tinnon and others who did not receive publicity.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of judges in Cook County (Chicago) who come into mind as well, as they use similar tactics to remove the liberties and financial assests of the elderly and disabled.

Disbar and prosecute !

Anonymous said...

Crook County Illinois courthouse is a place that needs to be scrutinized. 18th floor probate churning people into products to feed the greed of the protection racket beware your POWER OF ATTORNEY can be stripped from you for no reason and without a hearing just like that poof a temporary guardian of person and estate is appointed in the best interest of the ward ~~ sure best intrest of the guardianship team who contributes to the war chest of the judges running for elction ~~ what better way to ensure you get the wards who have significant estates?