Friday, July 27, 2012

JP Morgan Chase Bank Manager and Her Husband Convicted of Scamming Elderly Man Out of $1.1 Mil

A JP Morgan Chase bank manager and her husband were convicted Thursday of scamming a 97-year-old man out of $1.1 million in life savings, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney.

Prosecutors said that bank manager Christina Bray, 30, befriended the elderly banking client and pretended to manage his financial affairs. Instead, prosecutors said, Bray and her husband, Jimmy Bray, 39, of San Jose, spent the victim’s money on luxury cars and liposuction.

The couple pleaded guilty to several counts of felony elder theft.

Jimmy Bray was also convicted of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm.

Christina Bray is set to be sentenced to an expected six years in prison and Jimmy Bray is expected to be sentenced to eight years in prison at a hearing scheduled for Sept. 4.

“Elderly people rely on bankers to carefully watch over their life savings," Deputy District Attorney Cherie Bourlard said in a statement. “The Brays criminally used this vulnerable gentleman as their ATM.”

Full Article and Source:
SJ Bank Manager, Husband Bilk Victim of $1.1 M


Anonymous said...

$1.1 mil? And "they" would like us to believe family are the big abusers of the elderly?!

Sue said...

Prison is a must. And I believe those in positions of easy access to vulnerable people and fiduciaries need extra time added to their sentences because they used their positions to engage in criminal activities. Personally, I would lock them up for life because their victim will never recover.

Monty said...

Good point Anonymous