Thursday, July 26, 2012

'Lawless America - The Movie' and the Filming of the Gary and Sara Harvey Case

The Star Gazette’s Ray Finger was on hand during filming for “Lawless America — The Movie”, which took place Thursday, July 19, 2012 in Elmira, New York. The subjects of the Elmira segment were Gary & Sara Harvey and the government officials and their attorneys who have kept Gary Harvey isolated in a hospital room with little stimulation and extremely restricted visitation.

Finger reports:

Filmmaker and activist William Windsor is a man on a mission, and that mission brought him to Elmira on Thursday as he seeks to battle what he calls 14 categories of corruption.

“Our challenge is to educate and reach a million-plus people,” said Windsor, who started June 14 on a 143-day trip through all 50 states to work on “Lawless America – The Movie.”

Through the project, he is recording the stories of people who say they are victims of judicial and governmental corruption.

“The name ‘Lawless America’ was developed not to say our country is lawless or that we have a lot of lawless people,” he said.

“It’s to say that we have laws and they aren’t enforced, and we have people who are supposed to enforce the law and they don’t do the right thing, so they’re lawless. The judges change the law at a moment’s notice.”

Finger further reports:

Windsor called the Harveys’ situation a horrible story.

“He has no business having a guardian other than his loving wife,” he said.

“From my experience with the people I’ve filmed for guardian abuse, they go for the money. Guardians get put in place when you have family members that are ready, willing and able to do it and care for their loved ones,” he said.

Victims end up getting bled dry of their money, he said. “That’s a disgrace, and we have to try to expose it.”

Mr. Windsor has taken note of the Harvey story, (as well as the stories of numerous other victims), and he is taking the story out of the guarded territory and out into the public eye. No longer will it matter if the mainstream media ignores these stories, failing to give victims a voice. No longer will it matter who has turned (or is attempting to turn) a blind eye or only listened to half a story. Now the truth will be told and the victims will be heard.

Full Article and Source:
Lawless America - The Movie and the Filming of the Gary and Sara Harvey Case

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Anonymous said...

Sickening what this county and hospital do to this family. No one has a clue what you go through until it happens to you. no one knows how it feels to be helpless. Jane Branson, Holly Peffer, Diane Wilson, Mary Conners and the Chism family do. But those who have a voice and some freedom to travel, choices in life to walk, talk communicate to whom they please who claim to be victims will never understand the horror of being a victim of your loved ones life at the mercy of a stranger. Some guardianships are about their "Empire" and some are just about "Life" and trying to save it. That is what this case represents and the government is making this mans choice. Not Gary's wishes, but his so-called protectors and attorney.

Anonymous said...

"IF" Kevin Moshier, Donald Thomson, Deretha Watterson, Linda Daino and St. joseph's Hospital are doing such a fine job isolating Gary Harvey from his wife why don't they come forward with their proof? Why do the choose to hide behind the unlawfullness? Oh that is right they own the court room by means of Senator O'Mara's law firm. The judge in this case isa former attorney of Senator O'Mara. It is clear to me but somehow the county by their own arrogance.

StandUp said...

I am thrilled to see the Gary E. Harvey case get this attention from not only Lawless America, but the local press. Hooray!

More and more people are learning about this case and a tidal wave of outrage is growing!

Betty said...

A standing ovation for Ray Finger, Bill Windsor and Lawless America, Carrie Hutchens and NASGA!

Sara Harvey said...

Thank you Elaine Renorie a true advocate for the cause. Here is another example what this county and Hospital does to our family. My husband was taken to the ER for a precautionary surgery that was ordered by his doctor. No one contacted or notified me. Upon my visit my husband was taken out by ambulance to another hospital. Why? He is already in a hospital right? I called both hospitals to see how my husband was doing and both confirmed my husband was not there nor did they have a patient there even though I acknowledged who was calling, his wife. My worry for these surgeries and the risk for infections which are very well known in the hospital community are bothersome and to continue to expose my husband to this and isolate him is sickening and shocking to the conscience. Because of the compassion for victims Elaine made a phone call and was successful locating him. Thank you NASGA!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look what it takes to get our elected leaders to look at the courts!

A citizen is compelled to organize and take a long road trip to go to the victims because they have no where to go.

Thinking outside the box, doing the unexpected for no financial compensation, for nothing in return is the only way to begin to compile information, evidence, testimonials and all that is needed to prove we the people are at risk.

Are there good judges in the civil and criminal process? Yes, I believe there are. That's why it's so important to weed out the bad ones.

Something to consider is that Probate Court is very different from the criminal and civil courts where procedure is an issue -- I can personally testify to my experiences.

Some probate hearings, (via YouTube and transcripts of the proceedings) and those in my case study project files are outrageous, out of control, open season as if this was the 3rd day of a frat party. And, keep in mind many ex-parte hearings are missing an important uninvited 'guest' the respondent of the petition for guardianship, the target was not invited.

Finny said...

Chemung County has been so smug for too long. None of them had a stake in Gary Harvey or cared about comfort or his safety. Not one. But they needed Gary Harvey for the income he provides.

They counted on Sara Harvey going away and moving on with her life. They made a fatal mistake in judgment of her. And now it's biting them in the *****

Danny said...

May God start doing his work on Chemung County.

Anonymous said...

If only Gary Harvey's guardian would have done the right thing for him, then Gary would have been home and Chemung County would have been off the hook. But no, they thought they could get away with it and now I bet they're thinking twice.

Thank you for this article and for keeping the Harvey case in the media.

Kevin said...

Shame on you Kevin Moshier for interferring with this mans marriage, shame on you DDS, Linda Daino, Rita Gould , APS, Chemung County for keeping this couple apart. You people have no soul, no wonder why your daughter Allison is not with you. How can you sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

God bless you and Gary, Sara. Good will prevail.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your husband, Sara.

Thank you Mr. Windsor for the sacrifices you are making in your efforts to expose court sanctioned guardian abuse. Some day the main stream media will have to answer as to why they were unwilling to expose these crimes.

Most victims are left without a voice, as are their families, due to fear of retaliation of their loved one. Mr. Windsor and Sara have become our voice, and for this I thank them.

Probate court abuse is rampant in Cook County, (Chicago). Millions of dollars go through that system, and it all winds up in the hands of the guardians, lawyers, care management companies, and even the judges.

Please visit the websites below if you are in Cook County.