Monday, July 23, 2012

Lawyer Replaced in Contentious CT Probate Case

Town Attorney Peter Boorman has been replaced as conservator in a bitter probate court case nearly two months after he and the grandson of the woman he represented got into a fight and were arrested.

The misdemeanor breach of peace charge against Boorman, 58, was nolled, meaning it will likely not be prosecuted, but can be reinstated if he is arrested again within the next 13 months.

Newington Judge of Probate Robert Randich this week appointed Katrina K. Camera of Schafler & Camera in Shelton as the new conservator for 96-year-old Margaret Geremia.

Geremia's sons and grandson have fought over her care and modest assets for more than a year with each of her sons accusing the other of misappropriating funds.

Full Article and Source:
Newington Town Attorney Replaced in Probate Case

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Thelma said...

They shoulda sold tickets!

StandUp said...

He should have been replaced before the relationship resulted in fisticuffs!