Monday, September 17, 2012

A plea to live a free and independent life

At 37 years old, all Kathryn Rodwell wants is to further her independence.

Ms Rodwell has spent the past six years living in a local Abbeyfield facility, which provides assisted independent living for adults with mild intellectual disabilities. She is one of the original residents, but wants to move on. ''I'm actually going backwards here,'' she said.

''I'm not getting the independence I'm looking for. I just feel that I'm a bit under the hammer. I do want to leave.'' Ms Rodwell receives training from Advocacy for Inclusion to help her maintain an independent lifestyle, which she hopes to further by finding work and her own place.

''Then I'll change in a big way … on my own to freeze my meals, make them up when I get home - that's the experience I want.''

A budding chef, she disapproves of guardianship orders and said while her family and friends might not always agree with her choices, they were her choices to make.

''I don't need forced opinions, I make my own decisions and I stand by them,'' she said. ''I'm capable of doing my own things.''

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A plea to live a free and independent life


Barbara said...

She makes perfect sense to me!

Norma said...

Kathyrn Rodwell is right...can't she just try?

Diane said...

Why can't she be free? The only reason for the forced guardianship is if someone is making money off of it. Let her be free and live her own life! There are plenty of supposedly "normal" people out there who are living without a guardian and managing on their own.