Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Danny Tate's Home Auctioned Off --- to his Former Lawyer!

A Nashville songwriter who fought to free himself from a court-ordered conservatorship has now lost his house.

Danny Tate's home in Belle Meade was auctioned to the highest bidder Tuesday morning to pay more than $150,000 in legal fees.

The legal fees accumulated during a contentious court fight in Davidson County Probate Court that lasted more than two years.

Tate's brother said he was a drug addict and needed a conservator, which is similar to a guardian, to safeguard his wealth.

Eventually, Tate won his freedom from the conservatorship, but it came at a high price. Tate was ordered to pay both his own legal bills, and the bills for his brother's lawyer, Paul Housch.

"This is the way the law acts. You have to pay your debts," Housch told Channel 4.

The two lawyers who were owed money were the only serious buyers at the auction.

Tate's own attorney, Michael Hoskins, was the highest bidder. He bought his former client's house for $120,000, about one-third of its value on tax records.

Danny Tate says when the conservatorship process began, he was a millionaire. At the end, he was broke.

"Now they've rendered me homeless," Danny Tate said.

"As a child I believed that truth and justice prevailed in our American legal system. I no longer hold to that ideal," he said.

Hoskins told Channel 4 that if Tate would pay his legal fees, he would get his house back.

Songwriter's Home Auctioned for Legal Fees

Michael G. Hoskins

Paul T. Housch

Judge David Randy Kennedy

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Thelma said...

How much was judge Kennedy paid?

Anonymous said...

Michael Hoskins. Maybe he was a set up for Danny ..... Hope Hoskins goes to jail

Odd no other attorney would help him and then Michael comes along and with Pharma conflicts cleans Danny out.

Michael Hoskins told me he either worked for Pharma or represented them ..... that would take care of the Vandervilt issue with antidepressants

StandUp said...

Did you sleep well last night, Michael Hoskins? Can you look at yourself in the mirror this morning?

Corey said...

Paul Housch and Michael Hoskins should look in the mirror and instead of seeing a human face looking back, should see the face of the vultures they are.

Trev said...

Praying for you, Danny, and against every one of them.....

jerri said...

why is it so easy and a daily routine for h & h and jrk to look in the mirror and love what they see? are they smiling 'cause they're standing on a pile of __________? in order to feel empathy have bad feelings one has to have a conscience figure it out for yourselves why they do what they do with no regard for the damages they have inflicted upon tate and his young children ph states that they saved tate's life what a bunch of bs just look at the difference in tate's appearance and attitude that alone shows tate and his children would have been better off left alone in addition isn't there a problem with the poa's? how many are there that opened the door for tate's brother to access the money he needed to try to eliminate his brother danny yes they tried just read the record its all there just waiting for someone with authority to go looking

Anonymous said...

I want everyone who abuses their power of position; defraud and violate others' rights stripped of their own rights and imprisoned. I loathe what 'these people' do; (I have gotten more familiar w/them and their tactics because of the same evil perpetrated upon a friend of mine.)

Karen said...

Michael Hoskins and Paul Housch obviously have absolutely no consience whatsoever. It's a wonder they can stand themselves.

Hannah said...

Impeach Judge Randy Kennedy The responsibility for all this criminal activity falls with him.

Thelma said...

Have all of you signed the impeachment petition at:

Anonymous said...

High crime at this court. This the THE poster case for court-sanctioned abuse. Only an honorable DA could solve this mess and get the conspirators jailed for embezzlement.

Felicia said...

Look at this from the article: "...Tate's brother said he was a drug addict and needed a conservator, which is similar to a guardian, to safeguard his wealth...."

First Tate's brother lied. And second, where's the conservator to "safeguard his wealth"?

I hope Tate sues his rotten brother and all the other sob's who plotted with him.

Pat said...

I hear Judge Kennedy signed this order while ignoring a pending motion for his recusal.

Danny is not free from his conservatorship. I sure wish the press would learn to tell the story right and learn to read more carefully.

Hoskins is an idiot, just wait and see. As for David Tate, Housch and D. Randy, let's just say birds of a feather flock together

Ben said...

It makes me want to get in my car and drive over there and take Hoskins by the shoulders and shake him silly.

Michael Hoskins and Paul Housch should be disbarred.

The TN State Bar should start the action on its own without waiting for complaints.

Danny Tate, you have been wronged in the worst way. We fellow members of NASGA are outraged about what has happened to you. Despite all the court-ordered hell you continue to endure, you give us hope, though, because you never give up. If we give up, the Hoskins and Housch types win. We can't let evil win over good. We can't.

Mike said...

Don't forget, Attorney Michael G. Hoskins threw Jewell Tinnon under the bus too.

Coop said...

Do Hoskins and Housch have any children? If they do, one of these days their kids or even their grandkids will google them and see what they're all about.

Perhaps then they'll feel an ounce of remorse.

Anonymous said...

This is shameful. Danny's brother started this mess and he should fix it. All those who have participated should have a dark cloud hanging over their heads forever.

Anonymous said...

I hope that dark cloud comes down and ***** them. Praying for Danny and his daughters the have been wronged. How Mr. Tate managed to stay strong and remain a gentleman during the worst times of his life is impressive and duly noticed. I can honestly say I would have given into temptations and obtained my own justice.

Anyone know: Where is David Tate during all of this? Hiding in the weeds?

Wrongful conservatorship case from Day One so who is watching the court cases? Hmmmmmm anyone? Who does Kennedy answer to?

The judicial board? His buds on the board? How ****** convenient. It's like having the incarcerated ones, the lifers the prisoners on the board of review for their fellow prisoners - sound like a good plan to you?

Lisa said...

I don't know which one of them is the worst. I suppose Kennedy since he's the one allowing the other two to do the crap.

Anonymous said...

Danny, I'm sorry for what you are going through. While this may sound shallow, I hope you can find peace that surpasses your losses, and that this inner peace gets you through.

While it may seem like the SOBs have it all, in reality they have nothing.

My mom was victimized in Cook County, IL...the attys and guardians got her entire estate too.

To say this makes me sick is an understatement, but I try to find my peace by in other ways.....I'm so hoping they all get busted....

Pat said...

This has to be the best line I have read in eons

"This is the way the law acts. You have to pay your debts," Housch told Channel 4.

Let me see, ".. the way the law acts"

you show up ex parte in someone's life, univited, an intruder, a meddler, and then stick a bill in the victims pocket and say --- nice doing business with you, pay me

yep, that's the way the probate law acts

like an extortionist

Luis said...

Who's responsible?
Kennedy, of couerse.
Hard to believe the guy is allowed to teach law when he violates it!

Holds phony "hearings" before notifying the parties on the other side!