Sunday, September 16, 2012


Join us this evening as Linda Kincaid, Elder Advocate, and Dr. Robert Fettgather, discuss the use of psychotropic drugs in massive doses used to render elderly and disabled adults, chemically restrained. Many times these drugs are used simply to render the victim incompetent and unable to function.

Also joining us will be Ginny Johnson, whose father, a WW2 veteran became the victim of a predatory guardian.

5 pm Pacific
6 pm Mountain
7 pm Central
8 pm Eastern

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StandUp said...

I love The Truth Squad and Marti Oakley! And NASGA's Linda Kincaid is a great co-host!

I look forward to it every Sunday night.

Callie said...

Marti Oakley is a real champion. Thank you for posting. I just signed in and am listening to the program.

Anonymous said...

good show tonight

Betty said...

I just finished listening and join your in giving accolades to Marti and Linda Kincaid and their guests.

Robert Fettgather is a great guest and I hope he can appear on more episodes.

And Ginny Johnson did a good job of telling of her father's abuse. It was a hard story to hear, but an important story to tell.

Sue said...

Exposure is the enemy of the protection racket.

Big money in this racket with legs into others who are profiting unjustly.

Real estate is another area where there are tracks to show much profit is not declared to the IRS and state taxing bodies.

Properties are sold below market value for flipping and resold for profit. It's all there if anyone cares to go looking.

We're next folks, your family will be on Truth Squad talking about YOU, about ME unless this racket is held accountable.

What will YOU do to stop this out of control system while most judges allow the lawyers to run their courtrooms rubber stamping whatever is put before them to move the cases through the system.