Thursday, December 19, 2013

Linda Kincaid Reports: Elder Abuse and Deprivation of Rights by Monterey County, California

Monterey County Counsel Cathleen Giovanni demanded that Patricia Conklin, daughter of conservatee Margarita Zelada, sign away her civil rights or lose a lifetime of personal property and family treasures. Giovannini emailed the document at 4:30pm Monday, December 16. Giovannini demanded Patricia’s signature by 8:30am Tuesday, December 17.

Giovannini demonstrated her penchant for deprivation of rights in November when she obtained a court order to strip Margarita of her right to contact elder rights advocates. Giovannini’s recent email to Patricia shows the same proclivity for deprivation of rights.
"Here is a proposed release---please review as soon as possible, as it is hoped that the check exchange and move can be accomplished tomorrow morning. I understand that Teri Scarlett and Jennifer Empasis are planning to meet Patricia Conklin and a representative from Tijuana Walker at the Del Rey Oaks Starbucks at 8:30 tomorrow a.m. " 
According to Patricia’s cousin Bonnie Lind (who provided the document to this Examiner):
"[Patricia] was given two minutes to call me to ask what she should do. [Public Guardians] Scarlett and Empasis warned her to sign it or she gets nothing! "
Elder rights advocate Dr. Robert Fettgather commented:
"Is this the Machiavellian standard: hold out property to victims who sign away their rights?"
Full Article, Source: and the Complete Text of the Release:
Elder Abuse and Deprivation of Rights by Monterey County, California

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Betty said...

I just went to the link and read the document and am not surprised. It's just as Linda Kincaid said.

StandUp said...

It's always telling when lawyers write in a gag order in an agreement. Patricia Conklin is due her personal property, period. No strings attached.

Finny said...

The lawyers in my cases tried the gag order too. It's really a form of blackmail in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Typical lawyer. Very sad. What she doesn't realize is she'd sleep better if she just did the right thing.

Sue said...

I would tell this lawyer to shove it up her ***. This piece of blackmail trash is what it is - this junk should be on the front page of every newspaper so the good folks of California could see what's waiting for them and their heirs.

I could say more but my comment would be rejected due to highly offensive language use your imagination what I'm thinking.

Thelma said...

Blackmail and extortion!

Mary said...

I'm with you, Sue. I'd be ripping up the pages at the same time.

This is disgusting and a breach of ethics. The guardian and attorney are supposed to be acting in Mrs. Zelanda's best interests and following her wishes. I just feel Mrs. Zelanda would have a fit if she knew how her daughter was being treated.

Sylvia said...

Yes, I agree is this blackmail? Or, extortion? Along with mental anguish and torture?

I think the prisoners, the detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison had more right than 'Patricia Conklin, daughter of conservatee Margarita Zelada, sign away her civil rights or lose a lifetime of personal property and family treasures.'

Someone please explain to me: Exactly how is this legal?

And is this the usual procedure, business as usual?

All in the best interests of the ward?

Someone with a shiny federal badge needs to haul Giovanni in for questioning, certainly launch and investigation into the motives and activities of Monterey County Counsel Cathleen Giovanni.

I am outraged that the taxpayers are funding the contents of this letter.

Sylvia said...

PS Good question Mary has Patricia's mother had the opportunity to review this letter?

And, I agree with Sue I'm holding back from writing the words to best describe the author and the contents of her letter.

Shame shame shame on you Monterey County Counsel Cathleen Giovanni, you certainly are a BULLY.

Rocky said...

All these lawless sub-human scumbags that are doing this to Margarita her daughter Patricia, and the rest of all others who partake in these scams of greed, should be sentenced to life without parole in a one-man cell. Although... being placed into a fraudulent, abusive, guardianship for life, would be a more effective punishment.

honeybear said...

While we all know that not all public guardians are bad, there certainly is a good share of them who have lost their way as in this sad case. Thank you, Linda, for keeping their wrongful actions in the public's eye.