Monday, December 16, 2013

National Guardianship Association Picks Excellence Award Winner

Clay County Public Administrator Debbie Gwin likes to refer to her office as the best-kept secret in the county. Tucked in the corner on the ground floor of the James S. Rooney Justice Center, Gwin and her team provide financial and personal services for 345 clients in the county’s guardianship and conservatorship programs.

But after the National Guardianship Association’s annual conference this past October, the secret that Gwin has kept since taking office in 2005 may be out. While attending the conference in Tampa, Fla., Gwin was presented with the National Certified Guardian Excellence Award. The award recognizes an individual’s work as a certified guardian, and knowledge of guardianship concepts, ethics and issues.

Full Article and Source:
Debbie Gwin Receives National Guardianship Excellence Award


Terry said...

I hope she really is one of the good guys.

jerri said...

me too terry best to leave my doubts on the shelf for now we know the nga profits from membership, training and who knows is the nga funded in any manner by public funds or government grants?

Thelma said...

This is a switch.

All we ever hear about are the bad guys.