Sunday, December 15, 2013

WI Attorney's License Suspended Due to Guardianship Case; James Grenisen to Undergo Psychological Evaluation

A La Crosse attorney won’t be allowed to practice law for three months under an order imposed Friday by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

James Grenisen must undergo a psychological evaluation before his license is reinstated.

The Office of Lawyer Regula-tion in December 2012 filed a complaint against Grenisen citing five counts of misconduct stemming from his representation of a 66-year-old woman in protective placement and guardianship.

During his representation, Grenisen took a $3,440 insurance payout owed to the woman and claimed it was a gift, had her sign an affidavit without permission of her guardian, and admitted that he has no experience in guardianship and protective placement, according to court records.

He also refused to comply with La Crosse County Circuit Judge Elliott Levine’s order not to contact the woman. Levine removed Grenisen as the woman’s attorney in 2011.

A referee recommended his license be suspended after a hearing earlier this year.

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La Crosse attorney’s license suspended


Nathan said...

Psychological evaluation? That's great news!

Anonymous said...

Did he know better than to take the money? I think so. He's a lawyer for crying out loud.

I think if a family member had done what he did, that person would have received an invitation to a criminal proceeding.

Finny said...

Lawyers and judges should routinely be psychologically evaluated anyway. I'm glad to see this start making a record to that effect.

StandUp said...

I agree. Persons in the position of protecting the public's trust should routinely be tested as a matter of course.