Monday, December 16, 2013

Couple Accused of Exploiting Elderly Man With Dementia, Selling His Wedding Ring

Two people are accused of intimidating an elderly man into letting them live in his house.

Peachtree City police said William Porter, 55, and Ericka Porter, 51, took advantage of the man's mental condition.

Police said the two continually visited the 79-year-old at the Towne Club senior living facility and got him to sign paperwork allowing them move into his house on Hilltop Drive.

"They appear to have intimidated him or convinced him to sign this lease committing an act of fraud against this poor man," said Peachtree police Lt. Mark Brown. 

Workers at the victim's assisted living facility and his neighbors alerted police.

"We've always looked after him because his health is failing and he has dementia," said neighbor Joy Thompson.

Investigators said not only were the Porters living in the home illegally, they said the two were also selling the victim's property

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Couple accused of exploiting elderly man with dementia, selling his wedding ring


Terry said...

Makes me sick.

jerri said...

oak tree justice or do what other countries do to thieves yes cut off their hands sounds harsh well firm up we are too soft on crime the cost to the victims and society is astronomical we need to get out of this soft on criminals to send a message cowards stealing taking what belongs to others no mercy i could cry i wish this team of crooks misery for the rest of their useless miserable lives

Thelma said...

The problem is really growing.
How can it be stopped, other than harsher penalties?

Diane said...

What despicable people! Thank God there are people who care about this man! People speaking up against crimes against the elderly and others make all the difference!