Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Three Former Funeral Directors Indicted on Theft Charges That Could Put Them in Prison for 20 Years

Three former owners of funeral homes in Girard and Niles each face possible jail sentences of 20 years for purportedly stealing thousands of dollars from customers at their businesses.

Robert J. McClurkin, 49; Patrick J. McClurkin, 47; and Robert P. McDermott Sr., 51, dressed in suits and ties, looked out of place sitting with jail inmates Monday morning in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court.

Each was secretly indicted last week on between 10 and 20 charges, including ones accusing them of selling prepaid funeral services to more than 50 customers and then pocketing the money instead of setting it aside for its later use, as required by law.

The charges included engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, theft from an elderly or disabled person and a variety of other fraud and theft offenses.

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Three former funeral directors indicted on theft charges that could put them in prison 20 years


Diane said...

The corruption is in every industry. I just don't understand why these people think they are entitled to steal from anyone and anywhere. From what I have read about the funeral industry, these guys are small stuff. They must have really ticked someone off.

Barbara said...

Yes, it's in every industry. And it's particularly appalling when it involves vulnerable people. We are at our most vulnerable when a loved on dies and that's when the predators in this industry come out.

helensniece said...

Scum of the earth they need to be buried alive that would send a message we need to go back to the old west method of swift and permanent punishment these crooks if they live to be released are a danger to society and I don't want my tax dollars used to house and feed these crooks, liars and sociopaths.