Thursday, March 27, 2014

TX Parents Win Guardianship of Adult Son on Life-Support

The parents of 43-year-old Terry Mace won temporary guardianship of their son Thursday after Mace’s wife moved to have his life support removed amid protests from his parents and friends.

Mace’s wife, Yvonne, did not show up for the court hearing.

Mace suffered a massive heart attack March 6 that landed him on life support at Seton Medical Center Williamson.

Two of his friends were with him when he collapsed. One of them, Sgt. Rudy Salinas, performed CPR immediately. Salinas had just finished 10 years in the military, including three tours in Iraq. Mace was working as a defense contractor at Ft. Hood, friends said.

Yvonne flew in from Colorado after hearing about her husband’s condition. She directed doctors on March 22 to remove him from life support.

But because the Maces are in the midst of a bitter divorce, and because Yvonne stood to inherit Mace’s money upon his death, Mace’s parents and friends had concerns about her making his life changing decisions.

“We were disgusted with the decision,” said Salinas. “It was two weeks he had been in the hospital and no one gave him a chance. Especially the woman he was married to for 20 plus years. You would think three children and a marriage would give you inclination to care for the man.”

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Parents Win Guardianship of Adult Son on Life Support

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