Sunday, July 27, 2014

Editorial: Elder Abuse

Elder abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly is aggressively accelerating. The guardianship systems in our state courts and our protective agencies intended to safeguard the defenseless, all too often fail. More than two-thirds of the perpetrators of abuse against the elderly are family members as well as individuals in the care giving profession.

Please listen to this heart wrenching story and draw your own conclusions. Not one circumstance I depict in this story is concocted, there is evidence. Why would I squander my time to construct an article on false pretenses?

Nestled in a small town in Northern Michigan named Maple City, encompassing a population of three hundred, a 73 year old strong willed, loyal man exists; barely. Deprived of his earnings and simple lifestyle by his own family; he now depends on the community and friends.

Milton Sandula's, often referred to as "Midge", career started and ended working for General Motors, possessing numerous patents with the vehicle manufacture, all while being unable to read or write! Disadvantaged with never being taught to read or write, he conceded in his family to control his finances and they most certainly did! Orchestrating a conceptional volition of fraudulent thievery, blackmail and retaliation threats throughout the years, using his inability to read or write to their advantage, manipulating pension, social security and disability payments for their own egomaniacal benefit; living a luxurious lifestyle while leaving Midge famished, poverty-stricken and practically homeless if it were not for support of the community and friends.

Formerly a man with assets, not liabilities, is living out his golden years now empty-handed, harrowing for the essentials to exist. A lifetime of callous work now paints a bleak and gloomy depiction of his future. Meanwhile his daughter-in-law, a Women's Resource Center advocate in Traverse City, Michigan, and family reap his wealth.

Elder abuse and financial exploitation is a present reality. Protective agencies all too often fail to recognize internal breaches of policies. Communities and individuals alike need to be informed of these deceitful acts against the elderly and take a stand against elder abuse.

I am respectively requesting the board of directors for the Traverse City, Michigan Women's Resource Center to candidly inquire on their employee's actions and determine if the Women's Resource Center's vision in being advocated by its employee's.

*I am considering creating a petition to be circulated on Midge's behalf and presenting it to the Attorney General Bill Schuette.

A Concerned Citizen

Elder Abuse

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