Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Caregiver" Headed to Prison

A former nursing home employee has been sent to jail for fraud and exploitation of the elderly.

State prosecutors say Heather Whitehouse worked at The Arbors residential care home in Shelburne, where she stole jewelry and credit cards from vulnerable adults she cared for, mostly people suffering from memory disorders.

Whitehouse was sentenced to serve six months in jail.

Caregiver Headed to Prison

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StandUp said...

Six months? That's a laugh.

jerri said...

6 months in jail is a just sentence for a caregiver (in this case a care TAKER)? where is the stuff she stole? where will Heather Whitehouse be in 6 months? stealing from others? shame on you for the soft punishment the injustice of the justice system

Norma said...

And what about the nursing home that likely didn't do a background check on Whitehouse?

Or that ignored the complaints against her until the evidence was overwhelming?

The nursing home is accountable for its employees and should repay the victims.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Jerry -- Heahter Whitehouse was a careTAKER!

Anonymous said...

A leopard can't change its spots. Whitehouse will be back in business within the year.


Mike said...

Right, Norma

What about the nursing home? Did it pay back those victims?