Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conservatorship Filing System Online

On Wednesday, people learned how to use the court's new on-line accounting system for conservators, people appointed by the court to make financial decisions for their elderly relatives or other vulnerable people.

Ramsey County officials say the new online conservatorship system tracks assets, expenses and files annual reports.

Through electronic auditing, the program alerts the court to anything that doesn't seem quite right. A forensic auditor also takes inventory.

Dean Maus with Ramsey County Probate Court: "We're looking at the conservator and what they've been doing over the years, how they've been handling the money and not just looking for fraud but helping the conservator if there are some accounting issues they need to deal with."

Full Article and Source:
High-tech Ramsey Co. tracking system helps elderly protect finances


Anonymous said...

On line filing is good -- it makes a record that can't be disputed.

Now -- will those accountings be available to the public, that's the question?

Anonymous said...

The accounting issues conservators need to deal with involve fraud and I don't see this on line filing system solving that.

However, the on line part is good. As long as they're public records and anyone can view them.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling a PASSWORD will be issued to those needing to view records.

StandUp said...

It's a good beginning, but lacks the personal touch. Who is to catch the outrageous charges like $150 for a trip for ice cream?

Anonymous said...

I hope the Hearst family gets this important message and it sinks in to them!

Betty said...

On line filing sounds like a good beginning. That doesn't negate the need for human beings to look at the fees and see if they make sense!