Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Judge Tells Lawyers to Sue Each Other

Plaintiff's lawyers embattled over who gets to represent a deceased man's estate were told by a local judge to sue each other in order to sort out the mess.

Judge Bob Wortham, Jefferson County 58th District Court, made the recommendation during an April 9 hearing over one of the lawyer's motion for a continuance in a controversial probate case.

The hearing was part of legal proceedings surrounding the estate of Emery Bowie, who died Aug. 9, 2007, without leaving a will. Aside from probate issues, family members are at odds over different contracts that have been signed with various attorneys.

Since his death, Bowie's family and their lawyers have been warring over the estate and quarrelling over who is entitled to receive the bulk of possible proceeds from a recent wrongful death lawsuit filed in Jefferson County.

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Judge tells squabbling plaintiff's lawyers to sue each other, allows complex probate case to continue


Anonymous said...

This has been going on since 2007?

I would imagine the estate is almost gone anyway --- telling the lawyers to sue each other is a safe thing to say at this point.

Anonymous said...

The stench of the greedy is overpowering here.

Anonymous said...

The INjustice System is
despicable; full of Greed and Corruption. The Judge needs to get off his duff and split what's left between the family members IF there is anything left after Probate SCAM!

StandUp said...

You're right on point, Anonymous 3!

Betty said...

The judge has let this go on too long. It's past time for it to end and the estate be settled.