Sunday, April 19, 2009

Charm, Lies and Threats

Three people used charm, lies and threats to persuade an elderly woman to give them more than $100,000 before they were arrested, according to Buffalo police.

Possibly as far back as 2002, the three became acquainted with the victim and came up with a variety of reasons why she needed to give them thousands of dollars at a time from her bank account.

Their hard-luck tales turned to threats of violence if the flow of money stopped, and the scheme ended only after Erie County Adult Protective Services alerted police.

Mary Weeden, Regina Weeden, and Belton Bruce face charges of grand larceny, conspiracy and aggravated harassment.

Full Article and Source:
Three accused of extorting $100,000 from elderly woman


Anonymous said...

Sociopaths are experts in the charm field. And they know just how long to keep it going before they move on to the lies and threats phase.

Anonymous said...

Guardians are short on charm, but experts at lies and threats.

Anonymous said...

When I read these stories, I think of how scared the victims were at the time.

Thank you Erie County APS!

Sue said...

Mary Weeden, Regina Weeden, and Belton Bruce belong chained to a state cage to protect society.

Sociopaths do not change - they get worse and greedier. I know personally from experience there is no hope.


Betty said...

APS acted appropriately in this case. It's important to note that not every APS worker is bad - although they have brought many of us a lot of grief. Still, they're not all bad.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: Anonymous: "Guardians are short on charm, but experts at lies and threats."

My experience too! But it's the politically appointed attorney wearing the black robe who is allowing his cronies to be guardians for profit

Rosey said...

Are they sociopaths or just greedy pigs?

StandUp said...

Rosey, they're both sociopaths and pigs. I would say more greedy tho.

Anonymous said...

Guardians have a "LICENSE TO STEAL."

Is that why we see so many stories about nonprofessionals stealing, while the BIG BOYS get away with it?