Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lawyers Must Report Misconduct

The Kentucky Supreme Court made it mandatory for lawyers to report the misconduct of other attorneys and judges, as part of its first major revision in lawyer ethics rules in 20 years.

In unanimously approving what is known as the "squeal rule," the court reversed the state bar association's board of governors, which in June 2007 narrowly voted against the mandatory reporting rule.

The rule says “who knows that another lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as to the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects “ shall report it to the Kentucky Bar Association.

The ethics rules, which go into effect July 15, also require reporting of such misconduct by judges.

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Lawyers must report misconduct, court says


Anonymous said...

I thought that was always the rule everywhere and lawyers just choose to ignore it in favor of their bretheren.

Anonymous said...

Well, 20 years later, isn't this an eye opening news item? The wall of silence, hear no evil, see no evil, just walk away and let it be?

Anonymous said...

If lawyers had ethics, they would police each other. They don't -- so they won't report each other.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers "must" --- lawyers don't know the meaning of the word "must".

Anonymous said...

Lawyers and judges turning each other in for misconduct?

Now I've heard it all!

Anonymous said...

And how are they going to prove it when someone fails accidentally-on-purpose to report misconduct:

AntiShyster said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME! Now, if the rest of the lawyer world does the right thing, maybe their image will improve. It's self-policing (self-protection) which brought down the profession!

Anonymous said...

No wonder lawyers are high on the do not trust list along with used car salesmen. Now with all of the crooks in elected positions and financial institutions the list is longer these days but lawyers seem to always make the top of do not trust list.