Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Britney Over-Medicated?

Britney Spears is said to be ‘convinced’ that her father Jamie Spears is giving her an increased dosage of her anti-anxiety drugs.

The singer was placed under her fathers control following her very public breakdown which saw Brit famously shaving off her blonde locks.

Jamie, who has so far seemed to be doing a great job as Spears’ conservator has allegedly been increasing Britney’s dosage of the drugs Valium and Ativan in fear the singer may go off the rails again.

Full Article and Source:
Britney 'Drugged' By Father?

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Anonymous said...

Overmedicating - or what it really is - straitjacketing is a common occurrence in guardianship.

Drug the ward into silence and complicity, that's the goal.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't doubt that Britney is overmedicated in order to keep her in line.

Anonymous said...

Ativan AND Valium!!! One or the other should be used in the short term for panic/anxiety attacks which wasn't her issue before she was 'imprisoned'. Increasing these TWO benzos is contraindicated and not even used as 'coctail' meds for the dying.

Geez! what are they doing to this poor girl. Medicating her to perform and locking her back up.

If we allow this in very high profile cases, imagine what the INjustice System is doing and will be doing to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

The preferred method of guardians medicating their slaves.

In nursing home facilities, the word is, avoid soft food:

The medications to leave you in a zombie state are in the food!

Nice trick, ey? If the ward isn't incapacited, the meds will ensure the ward doesn't appear alert cause that end the guardianship case leaving the guardian with less income.

Anonymous said...

She likely thinks she needs those prescribed drugs to function - and in reality, the effect is the opposite.

Betty said...

Britney will be drugged until they're through with her. When her head clears, she'll be nearly broke.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be suprised if he caused the breakdown