Friday, April 24, 2009

Couple Wants Bail Lowered

Attorneys representing the married couple accused of stealing more than $750,000 in inheritance money from three children in their care are asking a West Valley Superior Court judge to lower the couple's bail.

Richard and Yvonne Reyes are jailed in lieu of $1.4 million bail on charges that they depleted the inheritance money over an 18-month period starting in September 2006.

The couple was granted temporary guardianship of three children whose parents died in a murder-suicide in June 2006.

On Wednesday, Yvonne Reyes' defense attorney urged Judge Elia V. Pirozzi to lower bail from $1.4 million to $100,000.

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RC couple seeks bail reduction in inheritance theft case

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Anonymous said...

Let them rot in jail!

Anonymous said...

I hope Judge Pirozzi simply says,

Sue said...

Hell no, why give these crooks in position of trust anything they "want".

Now, that they got caught they feel the heat, good, a very good example of harsh consequences so others clearly see what is waiting for those with greedy criminal minds.

Anonymous said...

Keep the bail high so society doesn't have to look or deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Chain them to their cages!

Anonymous said...

This should be a 30 second hearing - the judge bangs his gavel and denies the request.

StandUp said...

I would answer their request with a raise in the bail instead of lowering it!

Anonymous said...

There is no bounds to their nerve.

When they're caught, suddenly they start in trying to evoke empathy.

They don't deserve it.

Anonymous said...

$1.4 million bail is not enough for these PERPS; stealing from children is disgusting! Let'em rot in prison.

Anonymous said...

Just where are they planning to raise their bail money anyway?

Rip somebody else off???