Thursday, April 23, 2009

Husband/Wife Bilk Elderly

Monroe County Court Judge John J. Connell ordered Ralph Taliento to spend 16 weekends in County Jail for Taliento's guilty plea to second-degree grand larceny. Before the sentencing, Taliento handed over a check for $6,500 to reimburse the woman for money he personally stole.

Taliento, and his wife, Lynn M. Taliento were charged in the theft of $750,000 from Shirley Gatti. Lynn Taliento pleaded guilty and was ordered to prison for two to six years in January.

Her husband pleaded guilty to helping his wife steal more than $50,000, but was responsible for repaying only the money for which he had signed IOUs.

Lynn Taliento admitted taking the money from Gatti under false pretenses, including claims that her sick child needed medical care and medication.

Full Article and Source:
Chili man to serve weekends for helping wife, R-H teacher, bilk elderly woman of $750,000


Anonymous said...

Weekends? He spends weekends in jail?

All that does is get him out of yard work!

Anonymous said...

He should be in jail with his wife!

Anonymous said...

A tag team.

If he helped his greedy wife, then he's responsible for every cent she stole as well.

Anonymous said...

Stealing the money saying it's for a sick child is worse than breaking and entering.

He's no less guilty than she.

They should spend the rest of their lives paying back the money.