Friday, October 16, 2009

Conahan Tied for Decades

As varied as the property deals were that Michael T. Conahan handled as an attorney, a familiar name often appeared with his on the paperwork.

Conahan represented members of the Scalleat family in their sale and purchase of real estate and mortgaging of the properties over the past 26 years.

With his wife, Barbara and sister, Elizabeth, Conahan purchased the Fort Lauderdale condominium from Albert and Rose Scalleat for $10 in 1989, according to Broward County property records. The Conahans would later obtain a $100,000 mortgage for the property in the Sea Ranch Club condominium and satisfy the loan as paid in full in 1997.

At the time of the purchase Conahan was a district justice in Hazleton and Albert Scalleat had been linked to organized crime by the Pennsylvania Crime Commission.

It would not be the first time Conahan’s name would come up for being associated with organized crime figures. Testimony at a recent appeal of a defamation case in Luzerne County court put Conahan and reputed mob boss and Bufalino associate William D’Elia together.

Robert Kulick testified he and D’Elia met regularly with Conahan for breakfast and discussed cases pending in the court. A county security guard said she delivered envelopes to Conahan from D’Elia, who parked in the rear of the courthouse.

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Conahan, Scalleats Tied for Decades

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Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about Conahan --- those close to him and probably even those remotely close to him knew he was filthy. Yet they turned their heads and let him carry on, probably harming many of innocent people.

Anonymous said...

I knew others had personal knowledge of the shadey deals going on. I tell you this is so disgusting if I were one of the honest judges, I would want Conahan strung up outside the courthouse where he made a mockery of the justice system.

Then I would want him dumped into a hole in the ground and let nature take its course all for no cost to taxpayers.

He doesn't deserve $1.00 of taxpayers money for his incarceration, I have more cost effective ways to dispose of this crook and his cronies.

I am steaming mad!

Betty said...

The dirt on Conahan just keeps pouring out!

What's next?

Oh, I know -- that Conahan incarcerated the elderly for profit, just like he did the young.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see more about Conahan coming to light.

StandUp said...

Remember that it was Conahan who was instrumental in getting Lokuta kicked off the bench.

And she's still not back on the bench.

So,his influence may still reach out.

Anonymous said...

Conahan should spend the rest of his life in prison with his buddy, Ciavarella.