Monday, January 31, 2011

Nebraska: Oversight of Guardians Advances

A bill that would tighten oversight of guardians and conservators will be among the first debated in this year’s legislative session.

Members of the Judiciary Committee voted without dissent Thursday to advance Legislative Bill 157 to the full Legislature.

Among other things, the measure would require background checks for guardians and conservators and the furnishing of bonds for assets greater than $10,000.

It would require inventories of a ward’s assets before a guardian’s appointment becomes final and would allow for mediation to resolve disputes.

It also would allow third parties to ask for more court oversight when a ward’s safety, health or financial welfare appears in jeopardy.

State Sen. Colby Coash of Lincoln, who introduced the bill, said it represents only the beginning of changes needed to better protect vulnerable Nebraskans.

“This puts some immediate, meaningful protections in place for wards,” he said. “There is much more to do.”

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Oversight of Guardians Advances


Anonymous said...

It's a good beginning.

Sally said...

Good news in Nebraska!

Thelma said...

All the states should be amending their "protective" statutes to make sure they really work for the benefit of the ward.

StandUp said...

First Arizona and now Nebraska? This is great news!

Dotty said...

Make no mistake, folks. This came about because of the media attention. The sunshine of the media is our best weapon!