Thursday, February 3, 2011

"T.S. Radio" Begins Weekly Series on Guardian Abuse

Join us Tuesday evenings at 8:CST to discuss the growing issue of Guardianship Abuse.

People across the country have had to face the unethical and immoral appointment of total strangers as guardians over their family members life, assets and medical treatment. These individuals have no connection to the patient and in most cases, no concern for their ongoing health and treatment. Guardianship amounts to giving another person ownership of another. The law is used to steal money, assets and anything else of value from the vulnerable client. Once the assets are depleted...the patient no longer has any value to the guardian. What happens then?

In the debut show, Sara Harvey updated Marti and Barb on her battle to save her husband.

The Truth Squad: Episode Notes

Note: The Truth Squad series on guardian abuse will air every Tuesday night at:

6:00 pm PST
8:00 pm CST
9:00 pm EST


Connie said...

Marti and Barb are pioneeers! Thank you, both of you.

jerri said...

the last show started at 7:00 p.m. cst you might want to confirm the schedule

Bella said...

The Harvey story makes me sick. How can this be happening in our country?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, it's good to hear the truth!

I hope this show grows and grows.

Mary said...

I am so glad that Marti and Barb have provided this platform for victims to be heard, in their own words.

Victims are usually silenced by the court and their side is rarely heard.

Thank you Marti and Barb!

Sara Harvey said...

Thank you Marti and Barb. This is the only way victims get to tell their story and the truth be heard.

Anonymous said...

Most family members are afraid to come out about the horrors of their case due to retaliation most often that means the guardian will ban visitors thereby isolating the ward punishing the ward and the family for releasing the truth fear of consequences for an action is blackmail extortion no difference in my book.

Keep shouting out loud.

Nancy said...

Sara, we all hope and pray for your victory.

And Marti and Barb, you'll be able to share in it as well. You are giving victims a microphone and a safe place to tell their story. That's a wonderful gift.

Jane said...

Marti and Barb have got real grit standing up and defending the helpless, innocent victims of this horrific crime happening throughout our Nation. I Pray to God doors will open and free our love ones soon !

Marti and Barb, Thank You, for presenting these crimes to America ! Citizens need to be warned "Everyone," is at Risk of having their lives destroyed by these predators. Marti could not have said it better during the Broadcast when she Boldly let the cowardly predators of helpless, innocent victims know,...