Friday, April 20, 2012

Disbarred AZ Attorney Claims He's a Victim of Corruption

Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is speaking out for the first time about being disbarred.

Protesters clashed with supporters at Thomas' news conference.

A judge ruled to disbar him for pursuing politically motivated investigations with no probable cause.

A state bar panel found him in violation of more than two dozen rules of ethics.

He insists he's the victim of corruption.

"Arizona, after what happened yesterday, has become Mexico," said Thomas at the news conference. "The people of this community need to understand what happened yesterday when my law license was targeted."

Thomas said he was an honest prosecutor who was unjustly smeared and tarnished.

The sanctions against him and his two prosecutors are set to begin in a month, but they could be delayed if Thomas appeals to the state Supreme Court.

Disbarred Arizona Attorney Claims He's a Victim of Corruption


Thelma said...

Can't comment without knowing all the facts!

StandUp said...

We do know lawyers who go against the system get eaten up by their own.

The problem is there are also bad lawyers who deserve discipline and we don't know which this man is.

tvfields said...

It should disturb you too that the broadcast media never even links the facts of cases in the manner which a victim like myself does at and

This and other deficiencies in our reporting systems motivated the proposed legal reform posted online at

Anonymous said...

‎3 more Maricopa attorneys bit the dust apparently for standing up to corruption. From a March 2011 Valley Fever article, "Grant Goodman, a local attorney who became a private version of former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas by filing a series of failed so-called racketeering lawsuits against court-appointed guardians, conservators, lawyers and judges, is in very hot water." BTW the Phoenix NewTimes reporter, Sarah Fenske, that worked at publicly discrediting Grant Goodman is now the big kahuna editor over at sister paper LA Weekly.

Luis said...

What's the rest of the story?