Monday, April 16, 2012

Woman Loses Everything After Being Placed in Conservatorship

Jewell Timmon, 82, has lost her house and all her possessions after being placed in conservatorship.
Woman Loses Everything After Conservatorship


Betty said...

One can't help but feel awful about what happened to this poor woman.

Everyone involved - including the judge - should be held accountable.

Norma said...

We must all pray she has the strength to get thru the suit and that the suit is successful.

Finny said...

They should all be lined up in front of her and forced to hang their heads in shame, like the judge did on the Dan Gross case.

B Inberg said...

Shame would indicate a conscience is present in my opinion these people have no conscience.

Anonymous said...

Jewel will never be the same person she is suffering so mcuh she is so sad for no good reason those who did this need to pay a hefty price now! Jewel doesn't have time on her side this is a no brainer but our system to get justice doesn't move fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear Jewel correctly in this video?

She said Judge Kennedy told her to 'shut up' during the hearing when she spoke up, when she opposed having her house and her stuff sold?

Shut up?

I hope the people of Davidson County TN see what's in their futures.