Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tape Shows Developmentally Disabled Teen Being Shocked 31 Times

A jury in Dedham, Mass., saw video this week of an 18-year-old being tied down and shocked 31 times as he screamed in pain.

The footage was presented by lawyers of Andre McCollins, who is suing the Judge Rotenberg Center for developmentally disabled students, which treated him in part by attaching electrodes to his body and shocking him.

The incident recorded on video took place in 2002 after McCollins refused to take off his coat, according to MyFox Boston.

The station reports that lawyers for the center fought to keep the public from seeing the video, but a judge denied their request.

WARNING: The video below is not suitable for everyone.

Graphic video of teen being restrained, shocked played in court:

Full Article and Source:
Judge Rotenberg Center Trial: Tape Shows Teen Being Shocked 31 Times (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


Thelma said...

How are these things allowed to happen?

Mark said...

I didn't watch the tape. The title was enough for me.

Finny said...

How awful.