Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ginger Franklin Lost Her Home and Her Belongings Under a Conservatorship

Ginger Franklin lost her home and her belongings under a conservatorship

Ginger Franklin Lost Her Home Under a Conservatorship


Sue said...

To the the Conservator Ginger is just another name on paper, same routine 1) sell the residence at a bargain price or better yet, let the property foreclose. 2) dispose of personal property 3) produce inventory that is based on false information 4)the court approves without question ~~ next case.

The Conservator deserves to be dragged into court of law.

StandUp said...

Well said, Ginger!

Anonymous said...

Go get her go get them Ginger IMO your former Conservator and this in the clouds judge are a cozy couple a two-some a danger to society.