Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TN: Danny Tate, In Court-Ordered Hell

It was [over ]five years ago  that David E. Tate, Petitioner, along with notorious attorney Paul T. Housch, entered “Judge” Randy Kennedy’s court to conduct an “emergency” Ex Parte hearing “petitioning” the court for a conservatorship over brother John Daniel “Danny” Tate. With nothing but grossly perjured hearsay testimony, Kennedy “glad to do it” entered orders of conservatorship, administered the fiduciary oath to David E. Tate and ordered Danny Tate’s Vanguard account seized.

No evidence whatsoever was presented:
1. No medical evidence
2. No financial evidence
3. No crime(s)
4. No 911 reports
5. No complaints from the neighbors

Five Year "Anniversary" of Court-Ordered Hell

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Barbara said...

Tate was a victim of an ex-parte hearing based on a fraudulent petition. One has to wonder why Judge Randy Kennedy is still on the bench.

StandUp said...

It boils my blood thinking about what they all got away with. I'm sorry, Danny.

Sue said...

Excellent point Barbara. They're all in bed together - it's as simple as that.

The complaint process is part of the good old boys club totally ineffective and who has the authority to access the complaint file?

Ex-parte appointments via secret hearings with only one party present, the petitioning party who has a lot of money to gain and the judge well in my opinion the judge in this matter in Davidson County is a lawyer wearing a costume going along with the cast of characters before a video camera it's all theater folks - you have entered their playground BEWARE.

Will said...

I followed the Tate case when it was in the news and wondered what has happened to Danny Tate since then. I believe they counted on him dying instead of surviving and fighting back.