Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dementia Patient "Overqualified" for Medicaid

“A man that’s worked all of his life, two to three jobs at a time has never asked for help,” said Rosemary of Gene.

“Now he severely needs help and can’t get it.” Rosemary said Gene needs medicaid to help cover the cost of assisted living or in-home care.

But because of the 1.7% social security raise, Rosemary said Gene no longer qualifies for medicaid. He’s overqualified by $15 too much in income.
Source: Dementia Patient "Overqualified" for Medicaid


Thelma said...

Government gives with one hand (not that generously), and takes away with the other!

Connie said...

There has got to be a way to help this man!

Laura said...

Very sad story. I hope he can be helped too.

jerri said...

you know i have a feeling the ss income is rigged for this reason call me a nutcase but think about this vip issue see whats coming to you boomers yes boomers are gonna really get the royal well thank you very much job i'm not in the boomers group so i'm hoping those who protested back in the day back in the 1960's pick up their hippie outfits and hit the pavement if not i'm royally in trouble as the next generation to say thank you so very much here's our plan for your golden year your gold into the hands of others sorry heirs of the estate and guess what you are next