Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lawless America: Rosanna Miller

YouTube: Lawless America: Rosanna Miller


Anonymous said...

Good job Rosanna!

Boomer Peggy D said...

Job well done you go girl and Lawless, it takes courgage to go on camera with complaints against powerful politically connected people who aren't going to be pleased but those who are part of the scheming need to firm up because more is coming they need to know there is a growing movement involving people who are educated street smart and we get it and what we get sends us into outrage mode and when we are outraged we move into action uniting with other people who get it knowing it's us who is next to get. Well, now, it will be a bit harder to get those who get it than the first round generation that ended up as their practice products. Boomers see you we know where you are everywhere scouts headhunters at hospitals funeral homes oh yeah that is a hotbed of scouts all connected to estate law firms just waiting to 'help' the new widow or widower or yeah they will get help to venture into voluntary guardianship and then the ward finds out all the shmooozing sales pitch was BS well it's too late just hand it all over and go on Medicaid.