Saturday, January 26, 2013

NY: 2 Lawyers Are Disbarred by Second Department

Two attorneys have been disbarred by the Appellate Division, Second Department, in separate matters. One lawyer resigned in the face of a pending grievance committee probe while the other was faulted for his "flagrant noncooperation with the grievance committee."

In the case of Colvin C. Goddard of Far Rockaway, the committee served an April 2011 petition with four charges of professional misconduct—three having to do with failure to cooperate with the committee's probe and a fourth alleging conversion of guardianship funds entrusted to him as a fiduciary. He was suspended in September 2011. Goddard failed to appear at a hearing before a special referee. His attorney did, but neither called witnesses nor presented evidence.

In the second case, the panel noted that of Thomas J. Bailey of Hicksville is now the subject of a probe of allegations including neglect of legal matters, failure to keep clients reasonably apprised and misappropriation of client funds.
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2 Lawyers are Disbarred by Second Department

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Thelma said...

What percentage of all the bad boys in the Second Department is that?

Friends of Gary Harvey said...

Wonder what the bad boys in Chemung County are doing to hide?

StandUp said...

Disbarrment for any lawyer who steals must be mandatory. But, also criminal charges should be filed by the Bar if no one else.

The Bar should be a mandated reporter.

Luis said...

The bad boys in Chemung County have a pretty tight clique - all with or from Davidson & O'Mara.
And the judge - also from D&O - refused to admit that there was a gross conflict of interest.
Bad boys and a BoB!