Saturday, December 21, 2013

Attorney Hopes Ohio Amish Family Can Return Home Soon

An Ohio Amish couple who fled their home with their 11-year-old daughter so she wouldn't be forced to get chemotherapy could be home for the holidays but not without a favorable decision from a judge, their lawyer says.

Attorney Maurice Thompson said he hopes the judge will issue a ruling soon on medical guardianship of Sarah Hershberger and she and her family can return home to rural northeast Ohio in time for Christmas.

"They won't be coming home until the guardianship is no longer in effect," Thompson said Tuesday.
The family left home two months ago just days before an Ohio appeals court allowed a guardian to take over medical decisions for the girl. Since then, the guardian has asked the court to allow her to drop her attempt to force Sarah to resume chemotherapy for her leukemia.

On Monday, Medina County Probate Judge Kevin Dunn said he was delaying a decision on the court-appointed guardian's request because he first wants to make sure he has authority to grant it in light of an ongoing appeal in state court.

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Attorney Hopes Ohio Amish Family Can Return Home Soon

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Thelma said...

Perhaps the family is pursuing a natural solution, rather than subjecting their child to chemo.

Carolyn said...

Mainstream medicine doesn't understand the natural method, though, Thelma.

Thelma said...

It's not "understanding"; it's a question of power, politics and control.