Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Elder Abuse and Exploitation in Australia With Tony Hutton

Listen as Tony Hutton speaks about the horrendous physical and financial abuse of his mother by Bendigo Bank (Australia) employee, Christine Frankham. Frankham is still employed by the bank although other cases have surfaced where she acted in the same manner and collected from the estate of an elderly person by having herself inserted into the will and naming her guardian.

From the October 12th 2013 article published in the Banking and Finance Consumer Support Association (Inc) BFCSA: "We have documentary evidence in the Just Better Care Diary (found in my Mother’s home when we contacted Police to gain access on 21/05/2011. -JBC called at my Mother's home every day for about 3/4 of an hour to prepare her a meal) of the horrendous neglect of my Mother by Frankham & Bogaard. She was in a deplorable state when Max (my husband) & I found her on the 21/5/2011. We had to contact the Police to gain access to the house as Frankham & Bogaard had the locks changed again (for the third time & at my Mother’s expense) to deny our family access. My Mother had been on the timber floor for possibly up to 20 hours wearing only a thin nightie. It had also been a very cold night. My Mother was hypothermic, tachycardic, had a urinary tract infection & impacted faeces & severe scalding in her private regions. In other words she had been totally financially abused & medically neglected & had been kept a hostage. My Mother was taken to Mona Vale Hospital by Ambulance. We also have obtained Mona Vale Hospital Emergency Admission & Clinical Notes which have also been given to Dee Why Police."

And not one person has been prosecuted for the abuse of this woman.

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jerri said...

excellent program marti thanks to dedication to get the truth out tony hutton is a newcomer with international case thank god his mother was finally saved from the grips of the banks beware of those hunting grounds folks they have their eyes on your money you are just a product so know that looking forward to 2014 sunday programs and hey it was great to hear from the callers danny tate ~ diane ~ marcia thank you for all you do