Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Bill of Rights" for Wards

An estimated 22,000 Minnesotans live under the authority of court-appointed guardians and conservators, and about 3,000 new cases are added each year. Now those individuals, many of them suffering from mental illnesses or dementia, have new protections from misconduct on the part of those appointed to make decisions for them.

Motivated by stories about questionable behavior by guardians and conservators, the state Legislature voted overwhelmingly to strengthen oversight of what had been a virtually unregulated profession in Minnesota.

The law, which Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed, creates a "bill of rights" for wards and protected persons, bolsters their ability to challenge decisions made on their behalf and requires guardians and conservators to register with the state courts starting in 2013.

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Those under guardians get rights


Anonymous said...

Probate by design works in the best interest of.....the guardian!!!

Applause and standing ovation to Minnesota for addressing the guardianship laws written with loopholes as big as sinkholes.

It is a beginning in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Rights? Wow!

Yes, Applause!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, MN! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

This is terrific news. Thank you Minnesota. Sadly, this begins in the year: 2013

I hope people are educated enough to fight for their rights, now!